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    • Mark Haokip

      The Politics of Modern Political Movement Methodology

      The Politics of Modern Political Movement Methodology ~Mark Haokip The validity of violent means revolutionary aspect has over since the Security Council of the United Nations had adopted a Bill Called *Protection of Terrorism Ordinance 2001* (POTO)in the aftermath of the twin-tower terrorist a...

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      • Ariel your Representative on the Har HaBait

        A member of Hamas political bureau calls on PA to give green light to the organizations fighting to respond to "occupation crimes."

        Khalil al-Hayya, a member of the Hamas political bureau and one of the leaders of the group in the Gaza Strip, on Tuesday called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to give the Palestinian “resistance organizations” the green light to act in the “West Bank” in response to th...

        Tags: A, member, of, Hamas, political, bureau, calls, on, PA, to, give, green, light, the, organizations, fighting, respond, "occupation, crimes."