Creating a blogpost

I learned to create nice blogs. What is very easy.

When you are on your profile page you see on the right side, under your profile picture:

Edit avatar
Edit profile
Wire posts
When you click on ‘Blogs’ you can have a over view of all ‘Blogs’ created click one of them,


·         Mine

·         Friends

·         Featured

·         But if you like to create a new one click 'Add blog post' near your profile name.


Fill out the fields. I advise not to upload an Icon. I cannot fix it good so also not to advice how. Only when you try, and it doesn’t work you have to delete the new blog post. In the future when I can afford a web designer, we shall try to fix that.

If you like to put a picture click the icon for an picture and put a link from where you take the picture. Example from Google Images. Take care for the right size of the picture within the editor. After inserting with the cursor on the dots of one of the corners bring her to the right size. All four dots have to be seen inside the editor. And you can choose Lightened to the right, center or left. Click the icon for that.

Don’t use any code. Please don’t copy text or pictures from the internet. When you like to copy text from a word processor use ‘plain text’ by clicking ‘paste from Word’.
Let the blog have a maximum of 8500 words what you can see on the right side under of the editor.

For creating a file it works in the same way.

On the right side of your profile you have a message board for a message of max 250 characters included a link.




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