Democratic Republic of Kukiland (DRK) was founded confidentially on the 1st January 2018 under public mandatory and pressure after the five-months-long online campaigns and awareness through the widespread on social media platforms. The ideology which aimed to restore the sovereignty of Kukiland in a form of ‘Popular Sovereignty’ or ‘Political Sovereignty’ comes after the prolonged defensive war against the British government fought by our forefathers since the colonialism ideology was violently imposed on Kuki Independent Hill Country since the 1760s. The Kukis had fought against them for safeguarding Kuki sovereign rights and their country from such external disturbances
continuously. With the help of that restoration ideology and the present political scenario of the world the “Democratic Republic of Kukiland (DRK)” came into being as a key to rollback both the policy of colonialism and neo-colonialism away from Kukiland.