Kukis are a people, a well-established nation, and rules by well set of traditional customary laws in an oral and written tradition since long before the British government had destroyed our sovereignty and the lively structures of our land. The Political theory of nation-state was dominantly played as the mother backbone of Kuki laws began from a village administrative channel. The sovereign, we called it Haosa is the Chief ruler of the Kuki village. He was elected from the eldest of the clan's or the family through genealogical lineage. And he has the power to nominate his cabinet or through election procedures served to it by the people just similar to a democratic form of government. However, the ruler, Haosa (Chief) candidature or term of functioning his power is customarily framed for his lifetime and he holds the portfolio until his death. After his death, his eldest son will rule in his instead. The very system still practices and existed till date.