A festive meeting of the heads of the Union of Temple Mount Organization took place this week, hosted by the Temple Institute, in which was held a review of the events of the concluding month of Av, and preparations for the upcoming months.

Asaf Fried shared with participants at the meeting, the events which led up to this past year's Jerusalem Day and Tisha B'Av, which occurred during days when, in the past, the Temple Mount was closed to Jews, due to threats of violence by the Muslim Waqf and local Muslim agitators.

Fried described the preliminary preparations made in advance of these two days, dating back to the beginning of the year, the coordination with the police, requests made by the organization to the police, and the deliberate public obfuscation employed by the police concerning whether the Mount would be opened to Jews on Tisha B'Av, which helped contribute to the abandoning of the Mount by large numbers of Muslims who had been called upon to violently prevent the Jews from entering the Mount.

For the first time since the liberation of the Temple Mount 52 years ago, the government of Israel gave preference to the significance of the two Jewish dates, (Jerusalem Day and Tisha b'Av), over the Muslim holidays which coincided, itself a significant milestone.

The Jewish 'revolution' which occurred on Tisha b'Av, on the Temple Mount culminated when the prime minister, who was involved in the decision to open the mountain to the Jews despite the Muslim holiday, publicly and personally made the announcement to the media - a historic precedence in itself in the history of the Temple Mount.

In a discussion about promoting Jewish presence on the the Temple Mount (in accordance with halacha), it became clear that the number of Jews going up to the Temple Mount was steadily increasing and every day more and more Jews are ascending the Temple, many for the first time ever.

In contrast to the increasing number of Jewish ascenders, there has been a minor decrease this year in the number of returning ascenders among the hard core ascenders, who previously ascended the Temple Mount with greater frequency.

At the meeting, it was thought that this decrease was due to the improvement in the situation on the Temple Mount, and the lack of a sense of urgency that had previously accompanied the activists. Today one can ascend the Temple Mount in a calm and orderly fashion. Provocations and tensions are minimal.

On the other hand, it is precisely the second and third waves of ascenders, those who have shied away from ascending the Temple Mount in the past due to the tensions, and are not yet well enough informed about the improved atmosphere on the Mount, who are still hesitant of the false arrests of Jewish worshipers, and attacks perpetrated by the Moravite Muslim women, whose presence has long been outlawed.

A number of ways to better inform the general public of the positive change were discussed, including battling the phenomenon of high media attention that exceptional cases always garner (for ratings), which naturally skews the public perception.

Highlighting the positive changes will further increase the circle of Jews seeking to ascend for personal, and not necessarily, political, reasons.

Other topics were also discussed, such as the upcoming annual Water Libation Ceremony, efforts to increase the entry hours to the Temple Mount for Jews, opening the Mount to Jews on Shabbat, and more.

Historical statement by the Israeli Prime Minister

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, founder of the Temple Institute, referred to the Prime Minister's signature on the recent agreement with Zehut party, in which the Prime Minister agreed to improving the conditions of the Temple Mount for Jewish worshipers.

The rabbi said that without going into the practical implications of the declaration, it is a very important and historic statement.

"For fifty-two years, prime ministers and government ministers have avoided addressing the issue of Jews on the Temple Mount, deferring to the Chief Rabbinate for Israel. In contrast, the Chief Rabbinate has consistently argued that the issue of the Temple Mount has political and security implications, and that it was a matter for the Israeli government and its leaders.

The Prime Minister's latest statement, as well as statements from police chiefs, (including the former commissioner), that the police can handle a government decision to allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, dispenses with the non-halachic arguments against allowing Jews to pray on the Mount,and open the door to a rabbinical debate in the Chief Rabbinate regarding the ascent of Jews in purity to the permitted areas permitted on the Temple Mount.

Photo; Top left, PM Netanyah and Moshe Feiglin shaking hands on their agreement. Bottom left: circled in red, the prime minister's commitment to improving conditions for Jews on the Temple Mount. Right: A young family testifies to the improved atmosphere on the Mount.

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