Today, 2-17-2019, on the Har HaBait

Today, 2-17-2019, on the Har HaBait

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It was good to visit with around 15 people. The son of Rabbi Eliyahu Weber was rejected, also when his father should guide, to enter the Temple Mount area because he was to young 12 years old....... Ridicules!  

Still we went in peace on the Mountain..... I mentioned, in the future also all our members of this network, all the names before HaShem and ended my Prayer with the Sma and (please pray when you look at the pictures and look/listen to the video) Pray with me,

Deu 6:4 “Hear, O Yisra’ěl: HaShem our Elohim, HaShem is one!

‘May it be Your will, Adonai my Elohim and Elohim of my fathers, that in Your great kindness You will shine upon the holy souls of Yisra’el, who renew themselves as “birds” sing, praise and pray on behalf of all the holy people from Israel. Master of the world, gather and take in those sacred “birds”, the Lost Sheep from the House of Yisra’el to the holy place: Malkut HaShamayim, an Atoned and Restored 12 Tribes of Yisrael serving and worshiping HaShem alone 24/7 of which it is said: No eye has seen it, except You, O Elohim. May it be Your will, Adonai my Elohim and Elohim of my fathers, that we, Your servant Yisra’el, who recite/study Torah every day, that there may shine upon us all the holy “sparks” and all the holy lights which are contained in the holiness: Your Mitzwoth for Yisra’el, to understand and comprehend Your Torah, and in the fear of You, to do Your will Your Mitzwoth, all the days of our life’s—we and our children and our children’s children, from now and forever. Amen.’

’May it be Your will, Adonai my Elohim and Elohim of my fathers, that in Your kindness we may be cleaned and united through Your Mitzwoth. And by Your Mitzwoth may we, also, be restored East of the Jordan River, in the South of Lebanon and in the Sinai as a defensive shield, in friendship, in Love, as the independent united states of Yisra’el: Bet YIsra’el. Near the independent Jewish Yisra’el state: Yisra’el.

For the unification of Yehudah and Ephraim:

Isa 11:13 And the envy of Ephrayim shall turn aside, and the adversaries of Yehuḏah be cut off. Ephrayim shall not envy Yehuḏah, and Yehuḏah not trouble Ephrayim.

The unification of Messiah Ben Yoseph-David. Amen

Deu 6:4 “Hear, O Yisra’ěl: HaShem our Elohim, HaShem is one!”

Exo 15:2 “Yah is my strength and song, and He has become my deliverance. He is my Ěl, and I praise Him – Elohim of my father, and I exalt Him.

Isa 12:2 “See, Ěl is my deliverance, I trust and am not afraid. For Yah, HaShem, is my strength and my song; and He has become my deliverance.”’

Please look and listen to the video with Rabbi Eliyahu Weber click:

Above the Rachamin Gate transliterated from Arabic 'Beit Almaqdes' - Beit HaMikdash 

Wood from the Temple building is rotting away. Amalek forbid us to take care of it.

'Gate of the Tribes' open for the Tribes when Amalek is gone.....


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