Daily Torah Study for The WatchMen from Israel in Jerusalem Thursday, 15 Tammuz 5779 / July 18, 2019

Daily Torah Study for The WatchMen from Israel in Jerusalem Thursday, 15 Tammuz 5779 / July 18, 2019

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Mic 4:1-2 And in the latter days it shall be that the mountain of the House of יהוה is established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills. And peoples shall flow to it.
2 And many nations shall come and say, “Come, and let us go up to the mountain of יהוה, to the House of the Elohim of Yaʽaqoḇ, and let Him teach us His ways, and let us walk in His paths. For out of Tsiyon comes forth the Torah, and the word of יהוה from Yerushalayim.”

Isa 55:6-8 Seek יהוה while He is to be found, call on Him while He is near.
7 Let the wrong forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts. Let him return to יהוה, who has compassion on him, and to our Elohim, for He pardons much.
8 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares יהוה.


“The redemption will come about only through the study of the Torah. And the essential redemption depends upon the study of the Kabbalah”
R. ELIYAHU, THE VILNA GAON (Evven Shelemah 11:3)

That their may emerge one complete true concept of The Rightous One in Pro 10:25 '......the righteous has an everlasting foundation.'

'Now, it is written, “These are the offspring of Yaakov; Yosef”.
[Yosef] is the aspect of Yesod, which is the aspect of the
“Upper Righteous One” (Tzadik Elyon). He is also called
“the small Vav” (Vav Ze’ira).......'
(Shaar HaYichud The Gate of Unity chapter 36)

Daily Halachah

Thursday, 15 Tammuz 5769

The following laws apply when a small animal miscarries and discharges a fetus whose form has not become very distinct and evident to all. It is called a tinuf. If the shepherds say: "It was a fetus, but its form has become marred," the future offspring of this animal is exempt from the requirements of the firstborn. It must, however, be shown to a shepherd who is knowledgeable.

Therefore if one purchases an animal from a gentile, even if it was small and gave birth within its first year of life, the offspring is considered as a firstborn of doubtful status, because it is possible that it discharged a tinuf while owned by the gentile.

Similarly, when a large animal discharges a placenta, it is a sign that it carried a fetus, for a placenta is never formed without a fetus and the offspring is exempt from the requirements of the firstborn. It is permitted to throw that fetus to the dogs for the following reasons. Only a male is sanctified as a firstborn. We assume that offspring are half male and half female. We have already explained that a male that does not have some of the distinguishing signs of its mother is not consecrated as a firstborn. Thus the lesser portion of animals' first offspring is consecrated as a firstborn. Hence since the probability is less than half, it is not considered. When, by contrast, a consecrated animal discharges a placenta, it must be buried. For the female offspring are bound by the same laws as the male.

הלכה יומית

יום חמישי, ט"ו בתמוז ה'תשע"ט

בהמה דקה שהפילה עובר שעדיין לא נתבאר צורתו הרבה וניכרת לכל וזהו הנקרא טינוף אם אמרו הרועים עובר הוא אלא שנפסדה צורתו הרי זו פטורה מן הבכורה וצריך להראותו לרועה חכם לפיכך הלוקח בהמה מן הנכרי אפילו היתה קטנה וילדה אצלו בתוך שנתה הרי זה ספק בכור שמא טינוף הפילה ברשות הנכרי וכן בהמה גסה שהפילה שליא הרי זו סימן ולד שאין שליא בלא ולד ונפטרה מן הבכורה ומותר להשליך אותה השליא לכלבים שאין מתקדש בבכורה אלא זכר וחזקת הנולדים מחצה זכרים ומחצה נקבות וכבר ביארנו שהזכר שאין בו מקצת סימני אמו אינו מתקדש בבכורה ונמצא מיעוט הנולדין הן המתקדשין בבכורה ואין חוששין למיעוט אבל בהמת קדשים שהפילה שליא תקבר [שהנקבות בה כזכרים]:

Today in Jewish History

• Passing of R. Chayim ben Attar (Ohr HaChayim) (1743)

Passing of the famed Torah scholar and mystic Rabbi Chayim ben Attar (1696-1743), author of the Ohr HaChayim commentary on the Torah. Born in Morocco, he also lived and taught in Algiers, Italy, Acco and Jerusalem, where he settled a year before his passing. Many stories are told of his holiness and greatness, and of the repeated unsuccessful attempts by Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov to reach the Holy Land and meet with him in the belief that together they could bring the Moshiach and the final redemption.

• Passing of R. Aryeh Leib, Author of Shaagas Aryeh (1785)

R. Aryeh Leib was an outstanding scholar known for his diligence in study and penetrating analysis. He served as rabbi of Metz and authored Shaagas Aryeh, a collection of analytical discourses on the laws of Orach Chaim (daily life and the festivals). This classic work enjoys much fame and is indispensable for any serious student who desires to plumb the depths of Jewish law.

In addition to Shaagas Aryeh, R. Aryeh Leib authored Turei Even and Gevuras Ari, in-depth commentaries to a number of Talmudic tractates.

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The Key to Kabbalah

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The Key to Kabbalah will open up the world of Jewish mysticism, giving you your first thirst-quenching sips of the teachings of Pnimiyut HaTorah, the inner dimension of the Torah. This volume provides an overview of the history, principles, content and nature of the Kabbalah and introduces the breadth and depth of the inner-spiritual dimensions of Torah



The Sefirot


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The Complete Tanakh (Tanach) - Hebrew Bible

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Daily Chumash with Rashi

Sefer HaChinukh on:
Pinchas 400 401 402 403 404 405
Daily Mishnah:

Mishnah Eduyot 7: 6-7

Daily The William Davidson Talmud:

Arakhin 32

Daily The Way of G-d Part 1, The Fundamental Principles of Reality:
Daily Da’at Tevunot

Section 1: Chapter 3

Daily Likutei Moharan:

Likutei Moharan 46

Daily Shaar HaYichud The Gate of Unity:
'Now, it is written, “These are the offspring of Yaakov; Yosef”.
[Yosef] is the aspect of Yesod, which is the aspect of the
“Upper Righteous One” (Tzadik Elyon). He is also called
“the small Vav” (Vav Ze’ira).......'
(Shaar HaYichud The Gate of Unity chapter 36)

It is not written. But under modern Jewish Halacha it is forbidden to study the NT. If the (head) rabbis (not all but the majorty) know it they treat you as a follower of the Jewish Yeshu (Yeshu false Jewish doctrine). So don't ask me about it? Or try to discus it with me? I studied in the past NT. The next studies, I don't do but I share it for to help the non-Jewish Benay Israel to come to a good understanding (together with the above) of:

That their may emerge one complete true concept of The Rightous One in Pro 10:25 ......the righteous has an everlasting foundation.

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