Mark Haokip
    By Mark Haokip



    Introduction: Kuki People are one amongst the lost sons of Israel, their ancestry has been traced back to Manasseh, the son of Jacob and elder brother to Ephraim. They became a ‘People’, very strong people and they did not forget their ancestor wherever they go. There are many shreds of evidence to trace their lineage which is correlated to Manasseh pedigree. A pre-eminent author and researcher like Hiller Halkin also wrote about them in the book “Across the Sabbath River”. And, a prominent Kuki-Manasseh research scholar Dr. Khuplam Lenthang also discovered in order that Kukis are the descendants of Manasseh.

    Through oral tradition, the forefathers of the Kukis had as well continuously recalled their ancestor Manasseh on all customary practices in the olden days. In a few years past, Rev. Chomlhun was also called by the Lord God and given him the genealogy and His purposes on Kuki people. They are all written in the book of “Manasseh the Lost Tribe of Israel & The Voice of God” authored by him.

    The Kuki People are a group of numerous ethnic clans wherever the British in the colonial periods had much hindered that Kukis were the mighty tribes and are the most powerful and well-known ruler in their mountainous hill territory. Dr. Horatio Bickerstaffe had written, “The Kookies (Kukis) are a numerous race whose proper limits have not been defined even to this day,” in his book titled as “The Wild Tribes of India,” (pp.179-189). In contrary to Dr. Bickerstaffe’s findings, Kukis had too, discovered that they are genealogically descendants of Manasseh, one of the lost tribes of Israel. So, ‘Kukis’ according to Dr. Horatio Bickerstaffe finding was reasonably cornering with the ‘Manasseh people’, but due to the shortage of supportive evidence at the time had triggering them hard to find out whom the exact progenitor of the Kukis. But, according to Rev. Chomlhun, the original progenitor name of the ‘Kuki’ was ‘Manasseh’. To this extent, the context of developing their taxonomy was God’s pre-plan. It was that since He had chosen Kuki people to be leading in His name had provided that the non-Christian world would happen to realize that Jesus Christ is the only God of gods and King of kings. It’s all about God’s purpose-driven polity to His people, the Kukis, [Rev. Chomlhun wrote in (2015), Manasseh, the Lost Tribes of Israel].

    Concerning, in my sagacity, the term Kuki and Manasseh equally have the same weight and status in a custom of genetical biology, although it need anyhow to regarded that the later designation ‘Kuki’ could be perhaps taken as a new political signature of the descendants of Manasseh within historical and linguistic demarcated Kuki Independent Hill Country. Hence, every descendant of Manasseh who is residing within the geographical demarcation of Kukiland must be named as Kuki in the politically diverse nature.

    Furthermore, for a possible common objective, and the aim of political purpose, Manasseh people should be redressed as Kuki. As such, if we look into the world of political discipline—everyone living in Independent Hill Country to designate themselves as ‘Kuki’ would bear the highest appreciable political importance. Because the generic identity Kuki bears positive consequence in political power to attain popular sovereignty.

    As corresponding to the evidence found in Dr. Horatio Bickerstaffe’s inferences about a given limits to the Kukis, (The Wild Tribes of India, pp. 179-189), including God’s revelation to His servant Rev. Chomlhun, (written in his book, “The Voice of God”); has a coextending destine or have a common connection concerning genetical history in the philosophical sphere. In another word, this could be said that the proper or exact limits of the numerous Kuki tribes’ historical position determined by Dr. Horatio Bickerstaffe’s and Manasseh genetical connection ascertained could be linked as the same Kuki groups.

    Consequently, Kukis living under the unsolicited administration of India, Myanmar, and the Bangladesh must be identified according to the historical and linguistic demarcation, and must constitute, the present-day Kuki as: Chin in Chin Hills, Mizo in Mizoram, Kukis of Tripura, Kukis of Chittagong Hill Tract, Kukis of Arakan/Rakhine, Kukis of North-East India, Kukis of Upper Chindwin Shan in Burma, Kukis of Sagaing Division in Burma and the identity as well include the following tribes as Kuki under linguistic and geographical distinction are: Heimi, Nahen, Para, Makury, Lainau, Noaw, Phom, Yimchung, Khiamnungan, Chang, Sangtam, Shan, Tagin, Mishing, Miji, Adi, Nocte, Lishpa, Memba, Milang, Mishmi, Monpa, Nyishi, Sangkhen, Tangsa, Zekhring, Shan, Tai Phake, Tai Ahom, Raeng, Tamang-Gurung-Limbu, Bodo, Singpho/Jingpo, Mishing, Garo, Khasi, Lotha, Meitei, Sema, Ao, Sherpa, Angami, Pochury, Mao, Kachin, Karbi, Zeliangrong, Kachari, Bodo, Konyak, Somra Kuki, Shan, Tagin, Mishing, Miji, Adi, Nocte, Wancho, Apatani, Bugun, Misi, Padam, Sherdukpen, Tani, Khamba, Khamti, Reang/Bru, Chakma, etc.


    Considering before the British had abandoned India and Burma, they had bifurcated Kukiland by the artificial international boundary in the middle of it and interpolated each side of Kuki Country under Burma and India power, then we become a minority in our own land. In 1971 when Bangladesh became a sovereign state, Chittagong Hill Tract of Kukiland was embedded under the newly created state’s control. Therefore, the illegal drawn of boundaries over Kukiland without our approval had produced the prolific conflicts manufacturing industry in Kuki Country. Then several antagonistic gun-culture based on ethnicities group had become the primary fount of protection for the region. Today, it is seen that the armed culture has shredded the whole Kuki Country also it subdue the Kuki government. Momentarily, the inter-Tribes ambivalence has become widespread everywhere and the savage game becomes the primary source of supremacy contest amongst them.

    As heeded from the past, Germany and Japan were an alliance with Kuki government following before the first World War. Then in the wake of the Second World War, India inquires help from the Kuki Chiefs to resist away the colonial government from India. The resistance fight against the British government was desperately fought under the name of Indian National Army (INA). The INA was commanded by Subash Chandra Bose.

    Nevertheless, it was ill-chosen for the Kukis that the government of India had betrayed all the Kukis aidings towards her independence. Moreover, rather of acknowledging them they had rifled Kukiland as well neo-colonize it under her power while the Kukis had besides fought for India with aiding the INA. By and of itself, the founding fathers of India had to bear the blame of this what they had ingested to the Kukis. The reason is Kukis did not help the INA for joining the Union of India government however it was their offer of supporting their neighbor to conquer the colonial government for she was their common opponent.

    Following India had declared as Independence state in 1947, the government of India policy towards Kukiland had been not agreeable for the Kukis. Rather treated them properly, they were neo-colonized and their political identity Kuki was contravened from their hand moreover devising Tribe Modification Order 1956 and converted them as Schedule Tribe; later Kuki became non-indigenous in India. As a result, the mighty Kuki Nation become fragmented and were given no mandatory development for their livelihood. Alternately provided them a destructive and pernicious development to destroyed their brisk institution, i.e. Kuki Chieftainship Institution. Because the institution was recognized internationally that the government of India cannot directly be taken away their land permanently. Thus, the sovereignty of Kukiland is still preserved in the rights of the Kuki Chiefs.

    In Burma, the identity Kuki was rejected to use by the Kukis. Historical rights of the Kukis are being abolished and in replacement, they were recognized only by the local sobriquet 'Chin' and burglarized their ancestral land by the Military Junta government. Rohingya Muslims were as well permitted to settle down in Arakan/Rakhine state. Even Tripura state also flooded by immigrant Bangladeshi and they totally control even the whole state mechanism.


    Since the sovereign rights of the Kukis are recognized internationally, Kukis also qualified to practice international laws to safeguard, protect and promote the rights to their Self-Determination. They have the rights to determine their future, their stability, and even their Self-Reliance under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guaranteed by the United Nations. The United Nations Organization should also granted Kukiland to be included among the list of its permanent Member-States. Since Kukiland is as well a colonial country and even won the British in the 1917-1919 Anglo-Kuki War.

    One Nation-In-Two States Concept: Ever since Kukis are the descendants of Manasseh, it is highly feasible to create two Israeli-State: one in the Middle East (the present day Israeli State) shall be expanded and the other in Southeast Asia would lie between India, Burma and Bangladesh by the sign Kuki. Which had been independently existed since ages ago? This co-ordinate state will combine hands unitedly as one blood-brotherhood and the religious issue must be first kept aside for secondary consideration for restrengthening the forthcoming brotherhood re-unification. Because, Kukiland must be indispensably a Christian state and there shall be no Secularism in it by reason of the pre-planned notion contrived by the Colonial government through the Eastern Bengal Regulation Act, 1873. This will enhance Israeli-Kuki Relation in the international arena and the conception of ‘ONE NATION-IN-TWO STATE FORMULA,’ will be valued before the world under the mighty hand of God.

    Henceforward, under the implementation of this policy, the binary state must relish the liberty to move and settle where ever they want to. The two nation must also savor the benefits of traversing minerals, natural reserves, and all economic resources. There shall be no need for a visa to visit each other in the future to come. It is also the legacy rights of the Kukis to directly involve in all business affairs of the government of Israel because they are the descendants of Manasseh, whom the eldership title was given to him by God Himself over all his brother tribes.

    Conclusion: The introduction of 'One Nation in Two State Formula' is not a premeditated philosophy but it is an aim for generating a way to find out the elongated buried of brotherhood's love existed between the Kukis and the Israelites. It may also be ushering the two nations to find out the enduring brotherhood loves that God had bestowed between them since the days of our father Jacob. Considering this fact, I suggest, it would be more profound to unified the Israel nation through diverse culture and brotherhood than strick imposition of religious fundamentalism and limitations. Let the Lord be the witness between us!

    God Bless Kuki-Manasseh & Israel Nation!