Mark Haokip
    By Mark Haokip


    Hi! Mr. Mark Haokip can you give me some of your ancestor Chiefs or Kings Names or were there any Kingdom and we're wasted location .and whose this Kachari or Dimasa and is Kuki tribes name and how is it related to Mizo and what are this Benei Manasseh according to you? Please

    By Imty Yanger

    Dear Imty Yanger, Thank you very much for your beautiful question.

    The ancestor's name of Kuki Nation is Manasseh, the son of Joseph from Israelites. Our ancestry is directly connected to Israel.

    Kukis were the Guardian of many kingdoms within Kuki country. They help to build kindred tribes' kingdom like the Meitei Kingdom and the Ahom Kingdom within their independent hill country because they were their own brothers. Ahoms/Assamese were one of the tribes of Tai Shan or Shan from Upper Chinwin Shan state in Kukiland. Therefore, under the protection of Kuki Chiefs, the two kingdoms were flourished many centuries.

    Kukis were not ruled by a Kings nor emperors, but according to their traditional rules, Haosa (Chief) is the highest sovereign and more powerful than a King. It was regarded that the power of one Kuki chief was equivalent to that of a single kingdom. The eldest son of the family in the clans are eligible for holding the title of Haosa, the sovereign power. Therefore, Kukis had ruled the whole independent hill country with love, peace of mind and protected all the people they had permitted living in Kukiland since thousands of years ago. They had protected and guarded the whole independent hill country against external aggression to save peace and dignity of the people living in it. Therefore, the mighty British couldn't happen to capture Kukiland. As such, the British government had declared it as "Un Administrated Zone".

    Kacharis and Dimasas are also genetically Kuki and not only them but also the ethnic tribes who are settling in all Northeast 7 States are Kuki. Because of their ancestry is biologically connected with Kuki ancestry.

    Kuki, Chin, and Mizo are the same people whereas Mizo is the later name of nomenclature of the Kuki people living in Lushai-Kuki Hills. And Chin represents the local name of international political identity Kuki and they are locally called Kachin in Kachin State, Shan in Shan state, Karen in Karen state and so on. They all represented the same meaning as 'hill people'. Thus, Kuki has accommodation rights of all those ethnic groups as One Nation under 'Shared Sovereignty'.

    As you asked me about Benei Manasseh, I will be very honest to tell you that all the ethnic tribes I had made mentioned in the above explanation about brotherhood are descendants of Manasseh, son of Jacob. In this regard, the Brotherhood Celebration was consecutively held three years since 2014, 15 and 16 in Manipur. And the blessed festival was hosted by PS Haokip, President of KNO.

    Therefore, all the ethnic tribes historically and linguistically demarcated by Kuki Political Identity are Kuki in Kuki Country. Kukiland includes Northeast India, Southwest and Northwest Burma, and Chittagong Hill Tract in Southeast Bangladesh.

    So, all non-Kuki will retreat to their respective mother's land from Kukiland under International Law of Asylum. And there can be no other identity which could represent Kuki in Kukiland. So they should come forward to redress all their own mistakes from following false political doctrine designed by their own false leaders and should renew themselves as Kuki to achieve our Self-determination. We must also shunt all the fencings of communal politics to achieve our goals, i.e to create a Christian Kuki Country in South East Asia.

    Mark Haokip

    Date: 6, June 2019