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Ve'abita for Parashat Yitro


Once again, we are pleased to share with you the third issue of Ve'abita (literally, "And I will see"), a weekly anthology from Harav Ginsburgh's many shiurim and farbrengens.

Because of MLK Day this past Monday, we did not send the Ve'abita booklets out by mail this week as they would not have had enough time to arrive before Shabbat. So, just for this week, only the digital copy is available. You can find it below.

In this week's issue you will find the second part of the class on theories of truth. This time, three more theories are covered and their deep parallel in Torah explored and explained. Most surprising is the notion of the constructivist theory of truth paralleling the construction of the Temple. Over the years, Rav Ginsburgh has spoken many times about the spiritual meaning of building the Temple in our day and age. In fact, in next week's Ve'abita, the main transcript deals with this topic from a whole different but complementary angle.

In addition to the daily thought for each section of the parashah, also included in this week's issue are two questions and answers that appeared in the past few weeks as part of the Rav's email correspondence.

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