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Faith, joy, love, truth. These are all words that evoke a certain set of feelings: aspiration, hope, and maybe even a tinge of confusion. Who doesn't want to live a life of perfect joy, suffused with faith and authenticity? But how do we get there? In “Love. Joy. Truth.”, we set out to present a personal and authentically Jewish approach to living a more fulfilled life. One lesson at a time.

Dear Friend,

We’ve just released an exciting new course that addresses some tough questions you’ve probably considered, and provides the Jewish approach to living a richer, more fulfilled life.

What does it mean to love another person as you love yourself? The great sage Rabbi Akiva said, “Loving your friend as yourself is one of the Torah’s primary principles.” Is that even possible?

“Serve G-d with joy,” the Book of Psalms instructs, but what if we don’t feel joyous? Is it okay to feel down at times?

Authenticity has been strongly emphasized in recent years; being true to yourself is a pursuit in and of its own. But in such a complex world, can we actually be honest with ourselves, let alone with others?

These are some of the burning questions we will tackle in our four-part course, “Joy. Love. Truth.”

The course begins on today, Tuesday, January 22 and registration is absolutely free!

To enroll, visit, and join thousands of others in the pursuit of Torah-true answers to some very real questions.

Looking forward to studying with you!

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