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    Num 32:33-44 So Mosheh gave to the children of Gaḏ, to the children of Re’uḇěn, and to half the tribe of Menashsheh, son of Yosěph, the reign of Siḥon sovereign of the Amorites and the reign of Oḡ sovereign of Bashan, the land with its cities within the borders, the cities of the land round about.
    34 And the children of Gaḏ built Diḇon and Ataroth and Aro‛ěr,
    35 and Atroth, Shophan and Ya‛zěr and Yoḡbehah,
    36 and Běyth Nimrah and Běyth Haran, walled cities, and enclosures for sheep.
    37 And the children of Re’uḇěn built Ḥeshbon and El‛alěh and Qiryathayim,
    38 Neḇo and Ba‛al Me‛on – the names being changed – and Shiḇmah. And they gave other names to the cities which they built.
    39 And the sons of Maḵir son of Menashsheh went to Gil‛aḏ and took it, and dispossessed the Amorites who were in it.
    40 So Mosheh gave Gil‛aḏ to Maḵir, son of Menashsheh, and he dwelt in it.
    Num 32:41 And Ya’ir son of Menashsheh went and took its small towns, and called them Ḥawoth Ya’ir.
    Num 32:42 And Noḇaḥ went and took Qenath and its villages, and he called it Noḇaḥ, after his own name.

    Num_32:34 And the children of Gad built Dibon, and Ataroth, and Aroer,
    Num_34:14 For the tribe of the children of Reuben according to the house of their fathers, and the tribe of the children of Gad according to the house of their fathers, have received their inheritance; and half the tribe of Manasseh have received their inheritance:
    Deu_27:13 And these shall stand upon mount Ebal to curse; Reuben, Gad, and Asher, and Zebulun, Dan, and Naphtali.
    Deu_33:20 And of Gad he said, Blessed be he that enlargeth Gad: he dwelleth as a lion, and teareth the arm with the crown of the head.

    Jos_4:12 And the children of Reuben, and the children of Gad, and half the tribe of Manasseh, passed over armed before the children of Israel, as Moses spake unto them:
    Jos_13:24 And Moses gave inheritance unto the tribe of Gad, even unto the children of Gad according to their families.
    Jos_13:28 This is the inheritance of the children of Gad after their families, the cities, and their villages.
    Jos_18:7 But the Levites have no part among you; for the priesthood of Adonai is their inheritance: and Gad, and Reuben, and half the tribe of Manasseh, have received their inheritance beyond Jordan on the east, which Moses the servant of Adonai gave them.

    Jos_20:8 And on the other side Jordan by Jericho eastward, they assigned Bezer in the wilderness upon the plain out of the tribe of Reuben, and Ramoth in Gilead out of the tribe of Gad, and Golan in Bashan out of the tribe of Manasseh.
    Jos_21:7 The children of Merari by their families had out of the tribe of Reuben, and out of the tribe of Gad, and out of the tribe of Zebulun, twelve cities.
    Jos_21:38 And out of the tribe of Gad, Ramoth in Gilead with her suburbs, to be a city of refuge for the slayer; and Mahanaim with her suburbs,
    Jos_22:9 And the children of Reuben and the children of Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh returned, and departed from the children of Israel out of Shiloh, which is in the land of Canaan, to go unto the country of Gilead, to the land of their possession, whereof they were possessed, according to the word of Adonai by the hand of Moses.
    Jos_22:10-11 And when they came unto the borders of Jordan, that are in the land of Canaan, the children of Reuben and the children of Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh built there an altar by Jordan, a great altar to see to.
    11 And the children of Israel heard say, Behold, the children of Reuben and the children of Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh have built an altar over against the land of Canaan, in the borders of Jordan, at the passage of the children of Israel.
    Jos_22:13 And the children of Israel sent unto the children of Reuben, and to the children of Gad, and to the half tribe of Manasseh, into the land of Gilead, Phinehas the son of Eleazar the priest,
    Jos_22:15 And they came unto the children of Reuben, and to the children of Gad, and to the half tribe of Manasseh, unto the land of Gilead, and they spake with them, saying,
    Jos_22:21 Then the children of Reuben and the children of Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh answered, and said unto the heads of the thousands of Israel,
    Jos_22:25 For Adonai hath made Jordan a border between us and you, ye children of Reuben and children of Gad; ye have no part in Adonai: so shall your children make our children cease from fearing Adonai.
    Jos_22:30 And when Phinehas the priest, and the princes of the congregation and heads of the thousands of Israel which were with him, heard the words that the children of Reuben and the children of Gad and the children of Manasseh spake, it pleased them.
    Jos_22:31 And Phinehas the son of Eleazar the priest said unto the children of Reuben, and to the children of Gad, and to the children of Manasseh, This day we perceive that Adonai is among us, because ye have not committed this trespass against Adonai: now ye have delivered the children of Israel out of the hand of Adonai.
    Jos_22:32 And Phinehas the son of Eleazar the priest, and the princes, returned from the children of Reuben, and from the children of Gad, out of the land of Gilead, unto the land of Canaan, to the children of Israel, and brought them word again.
    Jos_22:33 And the thing pleased the children of Israel; and the children of Israel blessed Elohim, and did not intend to go up against them in battle, to destroy the land wherein the children of Reuben and Gad dwelt.
    Jos_22:34 And the children of Reuben and the children of Gad called the altar Ed: for it shall be a witness between us that Adonai is Elohim.

    It was in the year 3195, the eighth year of Hoshea’s service as a vassal to Assyria, that the Assyrians captured the Reubenites, the Gadites, and half the tribe of Manasseh, and exiled them to Halah, Habor, Hara, and the Gozan River. Taking with them the idol that King Jeroboam had set up in Bethel to replace the Holy Temple. See: https://www.chabad.org/…/The-Exile-of-the-Ten-Lost-Tribes-o… )

    We, Gaddi and I ask all the Lost Sheep from the House of Israel to unite. The organize themselves, Independent from any religion but with respect to anyone s religion. Based on Devarim/Deuteronomy 30. Into the united states of Israel. And to come back, starting East of the Jordan River.

    Come let us Pray, study, talk each other in Love into the United States of Israel back into the Place of their foreparents East of the Jordan River. HaShem shall do the battle for us.

    On: https://watchmenfromisraelinjerusalem.com/

    Ariel Representative Bet Yisrael International

Previous Weekly Study - KORACH

Previous Weekly Study - KORACH

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Jer 30:7  Oh! For great is that day, there is none like it. And it is the time of Ya‛aqoḇ’s distress, but he shall be saved out of it.

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Previous Weekly Study - KORACH


From: GADDI, a servant of Most High and Talmid of Rabbi HaTzaddik Yeshuah Melech– To The Twelve Tribes in the Diaspora: Shalom!

The Holy One Blessed Be He! Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu! We have been conducting weekly Sabbath Torah Studies through zoom connectivity. This week we have studied and meditated about KORACH.

Who is KORACH?

Korah – Rebellion: “Korach” means “bald. “Korach is the “Bald Reverend.” The rebellion of Korach, can be described as the “Spirit of Korach,” is the Spirit that comes against two things: The Prophecy of Moses ; The Priesthood of Aaron

The beginning of the Parsha shows that Korach had a distinguished lineage: "And Korach, the son of Yitzhar, the son of Kehas, the son of Levi ..." (Numbers 16:1) It is taught that Korach prophetically saw that great men would descend from him one day. (i.e., the prophet Samuel is a descendant of Korach.) .

Korach, “the son of Yitzhar, the son of Kehat, the son of Levi,” incites a rebellion against Moses. He is joined by Dathan and Aviram, and On the son of Peleth, all of the tribe of Reuben. Also participating are 250 “leaders of the community, those regularly summoned to assembly, men of renown.” And they massed upon Moses and Aaron and said to them: “Enough! The entire community is holy, and HaShem amongst them; why do you raise yourselves above the congregation of Most High?” And when Moses heard it, he fell on his face. When it becomes clear that Korach and the 250 men are aspiring for the Kehunah (priesthood) themselves, Moses challenges them to offer ketoret to Elohim—the most sacred of the Divine services in the Sanctuary, permitted only to a priest, and only under special circumstances.

Reish Lakish says, was “the wealth of Korach” (Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin ibid). There are “stored treasures that bring evil to their owners” says Kohelet (Ecclesiastes 5:12), that is wealth that brings its owners to boastfulness, chasing after honor and demanding privilege beyond what is due, and wealth like this.

Rabbi Chama son of Rabbi Chanina said: Three treasures did Joseph hide in Egypt: one was discovered by Korach; one by Antoninus the son of Severus; and the third is stored away for the righteous in the world to come. –Midrash


Korach…… rose up before Moses -Numbers 16 : 1 – 2Pride and Ambition can easily given way to slander and rebellion.

Woe to them, in that they have walked the road of Kayin, they have given themselves over for money to the error of Bil‘am, they have been destroyed in the rebellion of Korach. These men are filthy spots at your festive gatherings meant to foster love; they share your meals without a qualm, while caring only for themselves. They are waterless clouds carried along by the winds; trees without fruit even in autumn, and doubly dead because they have been uprooted; savage sea-waves heaving forth their shameful deeds like foam; wandering stars for whom the blackest darkness has been reserved forever. -  What we call the  HaBrit Hachadashah

"At that time Korach said, `The Torah does not come from Heaven, Moses is not a prophet and Aaron is not a High Priest'" (Jer. T. Sanhedrin 10:1).

Moses and his Torah are true, but Korah's company are liars. b.Sanhedrin 110a

Yeshuah Hatzaddik said : “How blessed are the poor in spirit! for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.-  What we call the HaBrit Hachadashah

Among you, it must not be like that. On the contrary, whoever among you wants to be a leader must become your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave! -  What we call the HaBrit Hachadashah

Regarding Moses, the Torah says, "He fell on his face" (Numbers 16:4). The Master says, "Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted" -  What we call the HaBrit Hachadashah

Yeshuah HaTzaddik referring to the idea of the “mighty in the Kingdom,” serving others in humility . And Moses prophet being our best human example, he is said to be the most humble man to ever live as well as the greatest of the prophets until his time.


G-d warned Moshe and Aaron, “Separate yourselves from this assembly and I will destroy them in an instant!” - Numbers 16:20

The Earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up – Numbers 16:32

According to Pirkei Avot 5:8, the mouth of the earth the swallowed Korach was one of ten things made just before the first Shabbat of creation.

Ethics of the Fathers 5:6 Ten things were created on the eve of Shabbat at twilight. These are: the mouth of the earth (where it swallowed Korach) the mouth of the well (of Miriam, that provided water for the Israelites in the desert); the mouth of the (ballam's) ass; the rainbow; the manna; (Moses') staff; the shamir (that cut the stones of the Altar in the Holy Temple); and the writing, the inscription, and the tablets [of the Ten Commandments].


Moshe made three statements to Korach: "HaShem will make known...", "He will draw him close to Himself" and "Whomever He will choose". Why were all three necessary statements?

To elaborate these statements, we must know that Korach's followers were divided into three sections:

1. Korach and his 250 men, who opposed to Aaron's priesthood.

2. Dathan, Abiram & On Ben Peleth, who challenged Moshe Rabbeinu's

3. some group of the Yisrael, who demanded to serve in the
Tabernacle with the Levites.

Moshe answered for the following statements:

1 "HaShem will make known the one who is His own" - meaning
Moshe Rabbeinu himself.

-Thus, Korach, Dathan, Abiram and their
followers were swallowed into the earth.

2   "...and the holy one" - meaning Aaron. Thus the fire went forth and
consumed the 250 men but left Aaron untouched.

3 "...whomever He will choose" - meaning the Bnei Yisrael. For them,
Hashem unleashed His wrath and 14,700 Yisraelites were killed by the
plague until Aaron offered incense as atonement, thus stopping the


Moshe procrastinated till the morning because he is the sun the daytime. Qorach is the moon he is the night. Therefore, Moshe wanted to wait until his time, his turf had arrived. Moshe wanted Qorach to see that this is the reality, that Qorach is the receiver.

 Rashi: 5 In the morning, the Adonai will make known Night is a time of drunkenness for us, and it is improper to appear before Him. His real intention was to delay, with the hope that they might retract [their opposition]. 

But you brothers not belongs to the darkness, you are all the sons of light and sons of the day. we do not belong to the darkness -  What we call the  HaBrit Hachadashah

The Two Wives- Foolish Woman and Wise Woman

Said Rav: On the son of Peleth was saved by his wife. She said to him, “What matters it to you? Whether the one remains leader or the other becomes leader, you will be but a follower.” Said he: “But what can I do? I have taken part in their counsel, and they have sworn me to be with them.” . . . She said: “Sit here, and I will save you.” She gave him wine to drink, intoxicated him, and put him to bed within (the tent). Then she sat down at the entrance and loosened her hair. Whoever came [to summon him] saw her and retreated.

Meanwhile, Korach’s wife joined in and said to him: “See what Moses has done! He himself has become king; his brother he appointed high priest; his brother’s sons he has made the vice–high priests. If terumah is brought, he decrees: Let it be for the priest. If the tithe is brought, which belongs to you [i.e., to the Levite], he orders: Give a tenth part thereof to the priest. Moreover, he has had your hair cut off (cf. Numbers 8:7) and makes sport of you as though you were dirt . . . for he was jealous of your hair.” Said he to her, “But he has done likewise!” She replied, “Since all the greatness was his, he said also, ‘Let me die with the Philistines’ . . .”

Thus it is written, “A wise woman builds her house” -Proverbs 14:1 – this refers to the wife of On the son of Peleth; “but the foolish woman destroys it with her hands” —this refers to Korach’s wife. -Talmud, Sanhedrin 109b


Bring us in peacefulness from the four corners of the earth and lead us with upright pride to our land. For you effect salvations, O Adonai; You have chosen us from among every people and tongue. And You have brought us close to Your great Name forever in truth, to offer praiseful thanks to You, and proclaim Your Oneness with love.

Blessed are You, HaShem, Who chooses His people Israel with Love.

The Holy One Blessed Be He! May He who establishes harmony in the universe bestow His peace upon us, upon Israel, and upon all mankind.

From Gaddi, President Bet Yisrael International - A Servant of Most Holy Ancient One of Yisrael and Talmid of Rebbe HaTzaddik Yeshuah.

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